Zero S electric motorcycle

Zero officially became many as the maker of electric motorcycles had its largest single-fleet sale to the city of Hong Kong.

The company, Zero Motorcycles, is distributing its bikes in eastern Asia through Yuen Ho Trading Co. (you didn’t expect the Tesla Motors sales model, did you?) and sold 59 Zero S e-motorcycles to Hong Kong, most of which will be used by the police department. The Hong Kong Agricultural, Fisheries and Conservation Department will also be using some of the really quiet two-wheelers.

The model-year 2012 motorcycles, which have an 89-mile single-charge range and a top speed of 88 miles per hour, “have been up fitted with a series of components developed exclusively for traffic enforcement, “were also retrofitted especially for law-enforcement purposes” but did not disclose the details of the upgrades. We do know that, compared to MY 2012, the 2013 models are about 10 percent faster and have about a 10-percent longer single-charge range. Check out Zero Motorcycles’ press release below.

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