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U.N. to examine panel’s global-warming report

global-warming-orlyFirst published: March 15, 2010

Source: One News Now

The United Nations says it will initiate an investigation into the practices of its climate change panel.

The secretary general of the United Nations says the InterAcademy, a multinational organization of the world’s science academies, will pick a panel of experts to take a thorough look at the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Several mistakes were found in the IPCC’s 2007 report, including an exaggerated account of how quickly the Himalayan glaciers are melting.

Dan Miller (Heartland Institute)Dan Miller, publisher for the Heartland Institute, does not have much faith in this investigation — because the U.N. is funding it.

“The United Nations is paying somebody to do an investigation of the United Nations. Inevitability there’s a conflict of interest there,” he contends. “The people who will do the investigation of the IPCC report on global warming will be beholden [and] will be looking at where the money comes from. I doubt very much we’re going to get a candid, clear assessment of what the problems were in the United Nations report.”

Miller notes that the heads of the U.N. and IPCC continue to claim that global warming is real and that it is causing a crisis. “Well, what kind of open mind is that?” he wonders. “These are the men who are going to hire the people to investigate the IPCC to see how credible it has been, and they’re going to hire people who once again will continue the cheering.”

The panel is expected to release its findings by the end of August.

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