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March 8th, 2008:

Cars Are Major Polluters In Hong Kong

Cars Are Major Polluters In City

Updated on Mar 08, 2008 – SCMP

Not enough people in Hong Kong are using the city’s public transport system.

If Hong Kong does not change this state of affairs in the near future, the skies will remain grey with smog. Have a look at the cars on our roads.

How many of these cars are actually full?

Sometimes, you only see the driver in the car.

Many of these people could easily take public transport or at least buy a hybrid car.

They should think about the exhaust fumes coming out from their car and then consider all the other vehicles in Hong Kong and their exhaust emissions.

Also, you see very large cars with powerful engines, which cause more pollution.

Do people need such large cars, or are they just trying to show off their wealth?

Public transport in Hong Kong is efficient, frequent and punctual.

If you use it rather than driving, you will save money.

We can all play our part to ensure that Hong Kong has a cleaner environment.

Kate Rawson, The Peak