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Idling Engine Ban Necessary

SCMP – Updated on Feb 04, 2009

When will Hong Kong stop debating and simply do the right thing and ban all idling vehicles? It is a shame that any vehicle is allowed to sit and idle for more than five minutes. Engines should be switched off to reduce emissions, oil pollution and noise pollution.

I have read that idling vehicles slow down the catalytic converter, which is what helps keep emissions down, but only works when it is hot.

If a vehicle is going to be sitting for more than 30 seconds it is better to shut it off, even though turning it on will use a burst of gas.

While an hour of idling can produce 2.36kg of carbon dioxide in a car, imagine what all these public and tourist buses produce?

We’ve heard it all before, but Hong Kong still has a growing number of people with asthma, lung and heart conditions who would welcome the idea. What is more, this pollution hurts Hong Kong’s tourism and attractiveness as a place of work.

D. F. Weil, Kowloon Bay

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