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Put recycling bins at more locations

SCMP Letters to the Editor

The letter by Yannis Mak (“Recycling policy put on back burner”, March 3) reminded me of some concerns regarding recycling bins.

When you see recycling bins outside a building, you have to ask if it makes sense to have only three of them outside a 39-storey public housing block with roughly 16 apartments on each level.

So there are three little bins to hold all the recyclable material from around 600 households. It gives the impression that these bins are placed outside housing blocks by the government for decoration.

Recycling bins have been situated outside these buildings for years and yet little has changed.

Why doesn’t the relevant government department place these bins on each floor of a housing block? It is not easy to change old habits and get people to adopt new, environmentally-friendly ones, but having facilities like bins within easy reach is a big step forward.

I am also concerned about plastic recycling. I understand plastic bottles that are placed in the recycling bin are ending up in our landfills, because plastic recycling is not profitable. There are citizens who still care but they are put off by government indifference.

Officials must make recycling in Hong Kong more effective.

Debbie Cheng, Tseung Kwan O

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