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Rifiuti zero: a Rossano Ercolini il premio Borsellino

Rossano Ercolini, main promoter of the Zero Waste Strategy, received in Pescara on Saturday 7th November the National award dedicated to Paolo Borsellino which celebrated its 20th edition. This prestigious recognition Rossano Ercolini received was created in 1992 by Antonio Caponnetto in the presence of Rita Borsellino, first President of this National award and sister of the magistrate killed during an attempt in 1992.

The award is assigned to Italian personalities whose commitment was dedicated to the promotion of the values of freedom, democracy and legality.

The evaluation Committee recognised to Rossano Ercolini, who also received the Goldman Environmental Prize in 2013, his big commitment to build a possible alternative to the waste management through the implementation of the Zero Waste project. Among the motivations for the award assignment there is the relevant experience of Rossano Ercolini on the ground which is worth to be promoted, defended and implemented, because it raised awareness on the fundamental principles of legality and civilisation. It is a real privilege and a pleasure for me -declared Rossano Ercolini-, that shows how the Zero Waste Strategy doesn’t refer only to the concept of garbage management but even to education, democracy and extraordinary civic commitment.

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