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Hong Kong To Revise Air Pollution Index

ChinaCSR – January 16, 2009

Edward Yau, the secretary of the Environmental Protection Department of Hong Kong, has stated that Hong Kong will work out a range of measures this year and hold public consultations with the aim of updating the air pollution index.

Yau also stressed that he hoped that the revised rule on parking would be enacted soon.

Yau says he was inspired by the National Development and Reform Commission’s guideline planning for the Pearl River Delta Development in which cooperation between Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta region on the environment was mentioned and a regional green living area was scheduled. Yau said that Hong Kong’s air pollution index which was initiated in the 80’s is already outdated and the consultants’ report is almost complete. A series of measures is expected to be launched within 12 months and the government will consult with the public on the steps to adopt the new measures.

Currently, Hong Kong refers to the World Health Organization for its air pollution index. If it wants to reach the highest standard, it needs to reduce sulfur dioxide emission from its power stations by 95% and change the use of coal fuel power.

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