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POPE: Take action to protect our planet and solve climate change


The Pope has done something remarkable. Just a few hours ago, Pope Francis released his much-anticipated encyclical, commanding the faithful to take action to protect our planet and solve climate change now.

The Pope’s message calls on all of us to stop abusing the Earth’s resources and make the sacrifices necessary to combat climate change – before it’s too late. Now is the time to make the courageous, ambitious choices we need to protect our planet.

Throughout his encyclical, Pope Francis makes clear: We have to do more to safeguard our common home, like reducing our consumption, tackling pollution and greenhouse gases, and transitioning to clean energy. If we don’t, we’ll face grave consequences that put our ecosystem and human life at risk, especially for less-developed countries.

Earth Day Network is joining Pope Francis in calling on world leaders to take bold action against climate change. Stand with us and add your name today!

An encyclical is one of the most important documents a Pope can issue, reserved for only the most pressing global matters. With his encyclical on climate change, Pope Francis makes clear that addressing climate change is a matter of social justice – and that all of us must do our part to care for the world we inhabit.

I had the honor of meeting Pope Francis on Earth Day, and I was struck by how deeply he cares about protecting the poor from the devastation of climate change. But a culture of consumerism and waste is putting our planet and its most vulnerable inhabitants at risk, and we must turn the tide before it’s too late.

Stand with Pope Francis and Earth Day Network: Sign the petition to urge world leaders to take action against climate change.

Add your name to tell world leaders: Listen to the Pope! Now is the time to take bold action against climate change.

Thank you,

Kathleen Rogers
President, Earth Day Network

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