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Health Fears Mount As Smog Throws Pall Over City

(01-23 14:00) – The Standard

Thick smog enveloped Hong Kong again today, as scientists and campaigners said recent pollution reached levels 10 times above World Health Organization guidelines for clean air.

The Hedley Environmental Index, a website created by Hong Kong University professors and the Civic Exchange think-tank, said levels of breathable particles in some areas were 10 times recommended annual WHO levels.

Levels of nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide were five times WHO annual guidelines, the index found, making Thursday Hong Kong’s most polluted day in more than 12 months.

”This is smog, not fog,” said Alexis Lau, a professor at Hong Kong University for Science and Technology.

”The worst part is that most of these are fine particulates which are the most detrimental to our health.”

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