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Buses Create ‘Repulsive’ Bay

Updated on Jan 19, 2009 – SCMP

If anyone has any doubts that idling engines cause terrible pollution, then they need only go to Repulse Bay beach on any day of the week.

Lines of parked tourist coaches can be seen there for hours each day, each empty (save for the driver) and each spewing clouds of filth from their idling engines.

They should be obliged to turn their engines off while their tourists stroll to the beachside temple.

It is most unfortunate that so many of these tourists choose to break the law by smoking on that beach, but nothing is done about that either.

As one of Hong Kong’s prime tourist destinations, this level of pollution gives a poor impression of our lack of control of idling engines.

What is more, the seemingly permanent unsightly construction site between the road and the beach gives the whole area a shabby appearance and that mess has been there for years.

We really need to do more to present our best tourist spots in a much better way. Otherwise, what will the groups of mainland visitors say about us?

Mary Pang, Kwai Chung

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