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Paper Bags Can Easily Be Used By Shoppers

SCMP – Updated on Jan 04, 2009

The Legislative Council should pass the government’s proposal to levy plastic shopping bags at 50 cents each.

However, it should review the levy after implementation of the law if the amount of plastic bags being used remains unchanged.

Like cigarette tax, the plastic bag levy is a way of changing people’s habits.

The tobacco tax has proved effective at reducing smoking in the United States.

In the case of a tax on plastic bags in Hong Kong, if the levy fails in its purpose of reducing use of plastic bags, then they should be outlawed.

I do not think this is unreasonable. Reusable plastic bags, however, should still be allowed.

Paper shopping bags have been in use for many years and such bags can also hold household refuse.

It would be a marvellous idea if a strip could be added to the paper bag, which seals the top, to ensure the hygienic disposal of refuse.

I think this idea of a paper bag would offer a most practical solution when it comes to how we bag our groceries and take them home.

John Yuan, Beijing

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