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State of the art of separate collection and local management of biowaste (English/French)

Résumé :

The aim of the present study is to analyse the factors leading to successful management of organics and the solutions in place in different countries.

The mission consisted of collecting in the 10 countries chosen a large amount of information about the background and the functioning of separate collection and local management of biowaste by analysing the regulatory context, the technical choices, and the performance.

The information collected is presented in detailed « country files ». The study also allowed the collection of information allowing evaluation of the organisation, the financing and the development of compost quality assurance schemes.

The last phase of the study consisted in cross-comparing collected information according to different criteria and indicators, in order to highlight the actions which had considerable impact on the development of biowaste management, and to judge whether they would be transposable to France.

There is a French version.

Public :

Local administration, Waste industries, Consulting office
Juin 2013 – 21×29,7 – 23p.
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* Synthesis (PDF – 911K)

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