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Tecora Continuous Dioxin Emissions Monitor

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Environmental Testing and Monitoring Instrumentation

Tecora Continuous Dioxin Emissions Monitor The Tecora DECS (Dioxin Emissions Continuous Sampling) system enables process operators to substantially improve their dioxins emissions data by sampling continuously instead of periodically.
Inevitably, short-term samples can only provide a snapshot of emissions during a short period that might not be truly representative. For this reason, a large number of DECS systems have been installed at combustion plants all over mainland Europe and this technology offers the managers of UK and Irish incinerators with an opportunity to produce monitoring data which demonstrates that their activities do not produce unacceptable levels of this highly toxic and politically sensitive compound.
DECS  provides regulators with the facility to require the creation of samples that represent total process Dioxins emissions over periods up to one month. Furthermore, DECS provides environmentally conscious businesses with the opportunity to generate emissions data that is far more informative and therefore of much greater value to both regulators and the Public.
The DECS system is fully automatic and stores all of the sampling parameters to ensure that a valid sample is collected. In addition, the system is validated periodically by comparison with a manual method. Heavy Metals and Mercury can also be sampled using this system with appropriate accessories.


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