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Potential, existing and prevented incinerators

UKWIN maintains an interactive map and a table of existing, potential and prevented municipal waste incinerators, as well as an archive of annual incinerator performance reports and case studies


This section brings together a broad range of information related to incineration and to wider waste matters. Please feel free to use this information to help inform your own anti-incineration campaigns. You are welcome to reproduce, adapt and share this information.

UKWIN Campaign Guide (UPDATED: December 2012)

Material produced as part of the UKWIN Campaign Guide series to support local campaigners.

Campaign Material

This section contains resources that can be directly used in your campaigns. Over time this section will include posters, leaflets and templates.

Briefings and Consultation Submissions

This section of the UKWIN website provides an archive of useful documents that can be used either as they are or to inform new documents such as planning objections.

Consultations submissions include responses to waste strategies and Government consultations.

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