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From: James Middleton []
Sent: 28 May, 2013 00:17
To: Mary OK TANG;
Subject: Microsoft PowerPoint – WPC_USEA_Annual_Meeting_Presentation_-_V21.pdf


Panel on Environmental Affairs

Dear Panel Members,

The world’s largest MSW Malaysian built plasma gasifier is in UK already for 2 weeks and being installed in Teesside.

1,000 tpd MSW per reactor.

See the massive reactor photos herewith.

The second reactor is on order already.

Modular reactors. More waste? Just add another reactor. Build them on the landfills, not pristine islands.

Just 2 ½ years’ for the plant build to commissioning. Technology advances, not ENB style regression.

Add Fischer Tropsch back-end Tech for the Syngas and create bio jet fuel/ marine fuel /bio naptha.

Companies like AirProducts/ Teesside and Solena Fuels build the plants at no construction cost to Governments !

They charge a tipping fee per tonne and sell the aggregate; in addition Solena Fuels sell the bio jetfuels to airlines wef 2015.

APP UK offered Hong Kong a FREE 150,000 tpa gasplasma demo plant in 2012 guaranteed by Technip. No takeup.

Fact ! not ENB devious fiction.

Plasma has no 1/3 by weight incineration ASH residues to landfill ad infinitum in a place where we have no landfill space. ( so we need man-made islands in the sea as ash lagoons)

Minimal emissions vs incineration bonfires.

Plasma residues are inert molten Plasmarok that can be mandated for use in Govt construction contracts to replace imported aggregate and bring building costs / transportation pollution down significantly.

Win-Win ?

Kind regards,

James Middleton


We all breathe the same air as do our children

Download PDF : Microsoft PowerPoint – WPC_USEA_Annual_Meeting_Presentation_-_V21

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