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Low Carbon Fuel for BA Planes from London’s Waste (Greensky)

Low Carbon Fuel for BA Planes from London’s Waste (Greensky)

London, United Kingdom

British Airways planes will be able to fly with low carbon biofuel, thanks to the GreenSky project, a partnership with clean technology company Solena, supported by ARCADIS.

GreenSky will build the first plant in Europe to convert carbon-rich waste normally bound for landfill into sustainable bio fuel for the aviation industry. The project value is circa £220m including land, process and plant costs and is targeted to be complete in 2014. It will generate more than double the fuel needed to power all British Airways flights at London City Airport.

The plant will be located on a disused industrial site in the London conurbation where feedstock supply is readily available. When complete, the carbon reclamation and conditioning plant will convert 500,000 tonnes of carbon-based material per year into 16 million gallons of jet fuel. The process offers lifecycle greenhouse gas savings of up to 95% compared to fossil fuel derived kerosene. The plant will also provide 40 megawatt of power back into the ‘grid’ from surplus energy.

ARCADIS has been appointed as principal consultant to advise on and manage the delivery of the project. This covers development management, project and cost management, environmental planning and permitting advice and health and safety.

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