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[GAIA] Study on Utilization of Incineration Waste Ash Residues in Portland Cement Clinker

Utilization of Incineration Waste Ash Residues in Portland  Cement Clinker

Charles Hoi King Lam*, John Patrick Barford, Gordon


Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering , Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Clear Water Bay, Hong Kong, China


MSWI (municipal solid waste incineration) bottom ash and fly ash and sewage sludge ash are evaluated as raw materials for Portland cement clinker according to the chemical composition analysis. According to the phase and chemical composition of the clinker obtained, the MSWI bottom ash with up to 6 % addition in clinkers show acceptable phase compositions and many of the major phases which are comparable with ordinary Portland cement clinker. High phosphorus content and sulfur trioxide content in sewage sludge ash may suppress the formation of the main phases. Fly ash clinkers may lead to insufficient CaO for alite formation. A proper pre-treatment would be required to use fly ash or sewage sludge ash. The heavy metals are concentrated and stabilized in the clinker matrix with low leachability. Further tests on the physical properties of the clinkers should be taken to fully understand the feasibility of ash based clinker.


The authors would like to thank Green Island Cement Ltd for their financial support and technical advice.

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