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Waste management blueprint unveiled



Maggie Ho reports

The Secretary for the Environment Wong Kam-sing. RTHK file photo.

The government has rolled out a blueprint on waste management, with a target of reducing solid waste by 40 percent in ten years’ time.

But the action plan includes the construction of a major incinerator on the outlying island of Shek Kwu Chau.

An incinerator proposal has been challenged in the court and a ruling has yet to be made. Nonetheless the proposal is included in the government’s 10-year waste-reduction plan.

The Secretary for the Environment, Wong Kam-sing, who unveiled the blueprint, said there’s no plan-B if the government eventually loses the case.

Other measures announced by the government include a possible a waste-charging scheme.

There are also plans to expand three existing landfills as well as increasing the scale of food waste recycling.

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