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Deflated Rubber Duck’s not in the soup – it needs to freshen up, say organisers

Wednesday, 15 May, 2013, 10:09am

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May 16th 2013

Actually insiders say it caught H7FDUCK1 causing it to empty its bladder aka ‘lame duck fowl incontinence’
The pathogen is air and water borne and a legacy of the former administration who did fowl all whilst adopting the ostrich pose in between 60k a night hotel stays and private jet trips , staying on property tycoon Sunseekers in Macau and catching a lift back on a tobacco tycoon ‘s boat two weeks after there was no tobacco tax increase in the 2012 budget
HKU scientists are trying to locate the frequent flyer former head of the ENB who took 59 overseas trips in his 60 month term and who may have picked up the pathogen overseas during his visit to a Scottish whisky distillery and a Scandinavian incinerator which has to import waste from overseas to keep it operational
He is now in hiding and earning 300k a month as the local mayor’s office manager as a reward for doing nothing during his last term which was supposed to protect the Environment in the Lame Duck administration

Staff reporter

Deflated 16.5-metre-high inflatable sculpture prompts internet rumours

Is it all over for the giant inflatable Rubber Duck that has attracted thousands of admirers to Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour?

Conceptual artist Florentijn Hofman’s creation, which made its debut in the harbour the week before last, lies deflated in the water.

The 16.5-metre-high inflatable sculpture was due to remain at the Ocean Terminal for a month but was last night pictured lying on its side.

The Rubber Duck needs to freshen up. Stay tuned for its return.… [1]

— Harbour City (@hkharbourcity) May 14, 2013 [2]

The news got web users in a flutter, with Hong Kong Wrong blog [3] joking that the bird had succumbed to lung cancer from pollution.

But those lamenting the bird’s demise were reassured by Harbour City, which organised the exhibition, that the Rubber Duck was merely having a nap.

Alongside a cartoon carrying the words “Sleepy Time”, it tweeted: “The Rubber Duck needs to freshen up. Stay tuned for its return.”

Two police marine vessels acted as guardian for the giant yellow toy as it made its way into the harbour on May 2. As the duck emerged from behind a cruise ship docking at Ocean Terminal, an excited crowd roared: “It’s here!”

It first appeared in France in 2007 and has since travelled to arts festivals around the world, including making an appearance at the opening of the Sydney Festival at beginning of this year.


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