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Effects of heat recovery on waste incineration health impact

Effects of heat recovery for district heating on waste incineration health impact: A simulation study in Northern Italy Original Research Article
Science of The Total Environment, Volume 444, 1 February 2013, Pages 369-380
Michele Cordioli, Simone Vincenzi, Giulio A. De Leo


► We estimated the health effect caused by the emission of PM10, PCDD/F, PAH, Cd and Hg from a new waste incinerator. ► We considered the compensation in PM10emission obtained through the activation of a district heating network. ► We found a moderate impact of the incinerator on human health for the exposed population. ► The switch-off of domestic boilers compensates for health impacts caused by PM10emission from the incinerator. ► The degree of self-subsistence of the diet and the consumption habits contributes substantially to risk determination

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