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Something is ‘rotten’ in the Prosecutions Department

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Howard Winn

By no means dead

The Shek Kwu Chau incinerator may have been shelved, but the Environmental Protection Department is still promoting it. A meeting last week at the Business Environment Council featured Albert Lam Kai-chung from the EPD and Mark Venhoek, CEO of Swire Sita Waste Services, Hong Kong’s foremost waste services company and operator of the two government landfills. The pair of them defended the current status quo and dismissed concerns about the incinerator as NIMBYism.

Sita’s presentation showed a picture of the Shek Kwu Chau incinerator with the word NIMBY written above it, with no attempt to explain the real reasons for opposition.

People are concerned by the string of reports from around the world of health concerns from people that live downwind of incinerators. In addition, there are numerous cases of incinerators being closed down because of their persistent inability to meet environmental standards.

Interestingly, New York recently put out a tender for a scheme to deal with its municipal waste, which specifically excluded traditional incineration methods. However, the EPD appears oblivious to these concerns.

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