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Beijing Must Stay Green

Updated on Aug 26, 2008 – SCMP

Now that the Beijing 2008 Olympics is over, it is the right time for us to think about the legacy and how we can make that legacy an integral part of our everyday lives.

Beijing has spent a considerable sum to deal with its chronic pollution and create a cleaner and greener Beijing. This included renovating old buildings, planting trees and laying down more grass.

These measures were quite successful: many Beijing residents said the air had improved.

In order to maintain a clean, green and beautiful Beijing after the Olympic Games, Beijing must persist with these green measures.

The authorities must continue to tackle air pollution by strictly regulating vehicle emissions and promote green production among industries. Beijing businesses and residents should continue with environmentally friendly habits.

We can look back at what has been a high-quality Olympic Games.

I also hope we can look forward and continue to see a cleaner, greener city being developed in a sustainable manner.

Katherine Chan, Tsing Yi

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