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Cement kilns: US study finds higher dioxin levels in dust from houses near cement kilns and roads

Determinants of polychlorinated dibenzo-p -dioxins and polychlorinated dibenzofurans in house dust samples from four areas of the United States Original Research Article
Science of The Total EnvironmentVolume 4331 September 2012Pages 516-522
N.C. Deziel, J.R. Nuckols, J.S. Colt, A.J. De Roos, A. Pronk, C. Gourley, R.K. Severson, W. Cozen, J.R. Cerhan, P. Hartge, M.H. Ward


► We assessed house dust concentrations of PCDD/F and proximity to outdoor sources. ► We observed higher concentrations of PCDD/F in homes near cement kilns and roads. ► Further study of the contribution of these sources to PCDD/F exposure is warranted.

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