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Euro V vehicle emission standards for newly registered vehicles to take effect on June 1

Hong Kong (HKSAR) – The Euro V vehicle emission standards for newly registered vehicles will come into effect starting from June 1 (Friday).

A spokesman for the Environmental Protection Department today (May 29) said that pursuant to the Air Pollution Control (Vehicle Design Standards) (Emission) (Amendment) Regulation 2012, all newly registered vehicles, except diesel light goods vehicles of design weight not more than 3.5 tonnes, will have to comply with the new emission standards starting from June 1, while the remaining vehicle class will be required to meet the new emissions standard starting from December 31.

Euro V petrol or LPG vehicles emit about 30 per cent less nitrogen oxides (NOx) than their Euro IV counterparts. Compared with Euro IV vehicles, Euro V diesel heavy duty vehicles (i.e. those of vehicle weight over 3.5 tonnes) emit about 40 per cent less NOx.

For smaller diesel vehicles, Euro V models emit about 80 per cent less respirable suspended particulates and 30 per cent less NOx.

The spokesman said that to improve air quality, it is the Government’s policy to introduce the most stringent motor vehicle fuel and emission standards as soon as practicable. The prevailing Euro IV vehicle emission standards for newly registered vehicles were introduced in January 2006. The Government implemented Euro V motor fuel standards on July 1, 2010 and adopted a phased introduction of Euro V emission standards to take into account of the supply of compliant vehicles on the local market.

Source: HKSAR Government

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