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There’s a bad atmosphere

SCMP Laisee

We were unfortunately unable to make the press conference yesterday called by Sai Kung district councillor Raymond Ho Man-kit to whip up support for his campaign for the ousting of Secretary for the Environment Edward Yau Tang-wah. He sent out an e-mail to various groups concerned with environmental protection urging them to join a move to persuade incoming chief executive CY Leung not to reappoint Yau on account of his “very poor performance.” Ho is a man of many parts. In addition to his duties in Sai kung he is a convenor of an organisation called Momentum 107, whose slogan according to its website appears to be “Keep Tax Simple and Low, Make Government Accountable”. He was, and possibly still is, a policy researcher for the Lion Rock Institute. He also played a key part last year in providing evidence against two former district councillors and three accomplices who were convicted of electoral corruption. As the South China Morning Post (SEHK: 0583announcementsnews)reported at the time: “A key witness for the prosecution was Sai Kung district councillor Raymond Ho Man-kit, who gave evidence under immunity granted by the Independent Commission Against Corruption.” Yau may have his faults when it comes to environmental protection, but he has never had to be granted immunity from prosecution by the ICAC.

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Raymond Ho Man-kit

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