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Follow fine example set by Shenzhen

Clear the Air says: the actual way forward is to use hybrid electric buses as used in London. These have the power to climb hills and use a small Euro V engine to charge the batteries as the bus runs as well as

charging whenever the brakes are applied.

SCMP – Follow fine example set by Shenzhen 30 April 2012

Hong Kong should take full advantage of the scheme in Shenzhen, where more than 50 per cent of the city’s combustion-engine buses are to be replaced with electric or hybrid ones by 2015.

One way in which the Hong Kong government can ensure that air pollution levels go down is by reducing pollutants emitted by cars or public transport operators.

The administration could follow the example set by Shenzhen and massively cut emissions of carbon dioxide.

At least with electric buses we would have zero emissions of PM2.5 [health-threatening fine suspended particulates].

Air pollution has adversely affected the quality of life of citizens and the economy.

It poses a grave threat to public health.

For all our sakes, it is time to take action and adopt a scheme similar to the one in Shenzhen.

Some people say that the cost of such a conversion of buses would be too high, but the change does not have to take place in one go; it can be part of a gradual process.

We can achieve this aim by approaching the problem with patience, ensuring that everyone can eventually breathe clean air and that Hong Kong is a pleasant place to live.

Kenneth Ho, Tseung Kwan O

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