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Green Activist To Seek Legco Seat

Olga Wong – Updated on Jun 23, 2008 – SCMP

A green activist who fights against the so-called wall effect in building projects is now fighting for something more political – a seat in the Legislative Council.

If Roy Tam Hoi-pong, 28, gains enough votes, he would become the greenest lawmaker in Hong Kong – in terms of both his age and election platform.

Announcing his maiden bid for a seat in Kowloon West yesterday, the president of Green Sense said he hoped to attract middle-class and younger voters with an eco-friendly platform.

Labelling his campaign “Vote for a green Hong Kong”, Mr Tam vowed to tackle global warming, promote better town planning, regulate light pollution, explore green business opportunities, investigate cases of cruelty to animals, improve air quality, enhance green awareness in the business sector and strengthen school environmental education.

Politically, he supports universal suffrage for the election of the chief executive in 2012 and advocates the gradual abolition of functional constituencies.

A full-time secondary school teacher, Mr Tam studied environmental science at Chinese University. He is also a founder of Green Sense, which was established to promote green education in 2004. The group has been outspoken on town planning issues like the canyon effect of some high-rise developments.

Mr Tam said banners for his campaign team would be made of recycled material.

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