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Clear the Air says:

The decision to move to Mass Burn by the EPD was made in 2005.

The incumbents are seeking funding just now.

They expect the project to take 7 years.

That means the mass burn technology on startup will be 14 years older than when the mass burn decision was made in 2005.

The Shek Kwu Chau island decision means that eventually other islands, probably the south Cheung Chau proposed man made island will become a further landfill for the ash.

Government’s own figures in the EIA showed an expected 22% bottom ash per massburn day. That means the landfills will continue to be required and to expand. When we add 6% fly ash that must be treated as well as the bottom ash approx 29% of the items incinerated will remain in the form of ash per day. This immediately defeats the Govt statement that our landfills are full.

The lack of RRR in Hong Kong is diabolical and laws should be enacted to enforce the public’s recycling and collection thereof by Govt.

It is ludicrous to spend more on extending landfills when the easily assembled installation of a plasma gasification plant at each landfill site can mine the existing landfills and create space in the landfills whilst generating electricity or producing jet fuel from the syngas.

The only waste generated by the plasma system is plasmarok that can be re-used as road aggregate.

This inadequate Government is playing with our public money in a stupid manner and it needs to be stopped by the Finance Committee from doing so.

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