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Exco backs new air quality objectives



The Executive Council has approved new air quality objectives for Hong Kong, which will set more stringent caps on seven types of pollutants. The Environment Secretary, Edward Yau, says half of the objectives comply with the strictest standards set by the World Health Organisation, and the rest meet its ‘interim’ levels. Mr Yau said the government will draft the necessary legislation to enforce the new standards. Hong Kong’s air quality objectives were last updated in 1987.

Public ‘misled by primitive air checks’

Professor Anthony Hedley
The Environmental Protection Department has been accused of misleading the public with “outdated and primitive” methods of measuring local air quality. Experts from the University of Hong Kong’s School of Public Health say the measurements bear no relation to actual health risks.

Professor Anthony, Hedley from the University’s department of community medicine, says the public should know that poor air quality is extremely dangerous, particularly for children.

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