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EU to regulate Ultrafines in 2013

The European Union aims to begin regulation of ultrafine particles in 2013, said Andre Zuber in a keynote speech on behalf of the European Commission at the EFCA symposium in Brussels on 27 May.

The EFCA ( is the European Federation of Clear Air and Environmental Protection Associations.  The conference on “Ultrafine Particles: Sources, Effects, Risks and Mitigation Strategies” was attended by over 100 experts and governmental advisors.  State-of-the-art monitoring solutions were demonstrated by Environmental Technology Services (, including the latest monitors from Aerasense.

Several speakers drew attention to the many opportunities that will be generated by further study of ultrafine particles and pointed to links, for example, with climate change.  Until recently study has been complicated by the expense and complication of measuring equipment – factors that are much improved by a new generation of monitoring equipment including NanoTracer and NanoMonitor from Aerasense.

Mr Zuber asked the assembled scientists to assist the work of the Commission with further study and investigation as much remains to be discovered.

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