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BASF Technology Provides Hong Kong With Cleaner Air

BASF is supplying diesel particulate filters for over 2,500 Hong Kong transit buses, marking the first large-scale commercial use of diesel particulate filters in the city as part of a diesel retrofit program. It also demonstrates BASF Catalysts’ continued efforts to promote a cleaner environment in Hong Kong with its more than 7 million inhabitants.
Beginning in spring 2008, BASF’s DPX™ Max filters will be installed on vehicles from Hong Kong’s four major transit bus operators – The Kowloon Motor Bus (1933) Co. Ltd. (KMB), Citybus Ltd. (CTB), New World First Bus Services Ltd. (NWST) and New Lantao Bus Co. (1973) Ltd. (NLB). BASF’s DPX technology has been proven on tens of thousands of trucks and buses, and earned the first U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Urban Bus Retrofit certificate.

Frank Ardite, Commercial Director, BASF Catalysts, said, “We have worked closely with the Environmental Protection Department and the transit bus operators since 2000 when the Hong Kong retrofit program began. We are excited to be chosen to bring the next level of diesel emissions control to Hong Kong.”

Kane Shum, Principal Engineer for KMB, and Paul Li, Head of Operations and Engineering for CTB and NWST, said that they conducted extensive field trials to find the right solution for Hong Kong before choosing BASF’s DPX Max filters, which can cut emissions of particulate matter, or soot, by more than 85%.

Diesel vehicles are the main cause of street-level air pollution in Hong Kong. As the number of vehicles and miles driven increase in Hong Kong’s urban areas, the city’s air quality problem has increased. The Hong Kong government has instituted a number of initiatives to combat the problem, including a diesel retrofit program aimed at reducing emissions from existing buses, trucks and vans.

In 2003, BASF Catalysts technology was selected for use in one of the world’s largest diesel engine retrofit programs. As a result, today over 35,000 Hong Kong buses and trucks feature BASF Catalysts’ diesel oxidation catalysts (DOCs), which significantly reduce carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon emissions.

Installation of the DPX Max filters is quick and easy. BASF Catalyst’s distributor in Hong Kong, Consolidated Parts and Accessories Sales Centre Ltd. (a member of Dah Chong Hong Holdings Ltd.), will supply the filters for the buses and provide maintenance services.

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