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Don’t Hide Facts On Air Quality

Updated on Mar 17, 2008 – SCMP

On Sunday, March 9, I planned to go for an early morning walk.

However, after looking at the sky I decided against it as the air looked dreadful. All I could see was a wall of dirty white, and no sea view.

I visited the website of the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) to check the air pollution index (API).

The relevant page started off with the API readings at the general stations and it showed a reading for Central/Western of 61. Were my eyes deceiving me?

I had to scroll down to find the true reading at the bottom of the page, which showed a reading of 100 for Central.

I consider this to be toxic, and decided that I would definitely not be going for a long walk that day.

The government is so dishonest in its handling of information with regard to the air quality.

People walk at the roadside level so please show us what the relevant API reading is at the top of the page instead of making us scroll down to find the true reading.

Joyce Wong, Pok Fu Lam

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