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Forecast Haze Was Just Smog

Forecast `Haze’ Was Just Smog

Updated on Mar 14, 2008 – SCMP

On Tuesday, the Observatory’s local weather forecast predicted: “Mainly fine but hazy. Moderate easterly winds. Outlook : Sunny periods with haze in the next few days.” Is it really just haze? or should the Observatory change the description to “shadowed with smog” so that it will raise people’s awareness over pollution in Hong Kong?

It is apparent that the Environmental Protection Department’s Action Blue Sky campaign has been a failure so far. I did not see even a tint of blue in the sky on Tuesday. The air pollution level according to the department’s website was (medium) to “high” everywhere. Even without the index, I felt an instant disgust when I looked out the window. Can the department tell us what it is doing to improve our air quality or can we anticipate that the Standard Chartered marathon be moved out of Hong Kong next year because no athletes wish to run in Hong Kong anymore?

Penny Shen, Wan Chai

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