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We Can All Help To Fight Pollution

Updated on Mar 12, 2008 – SCMP

Hong Kong is one of the most polluted places in the world. Exhaust fumes from vehicles pollute our air. I wonder if motorists think about this when they get in their cars. We should all feel guilty about the quantities of greenhouse gas we produce. Most motorists still do not drive a more environmentally friendly hybrid car.

They should appreciate that, when they drive, they are putting more pressure on the atmosphere. If more of us used public transport, we could help slow global warming.

Those of us who have balconies could also grow more plants, which is good for the environment, and we should all play our part in recycling. There are simple things we can do at home, such as writing on both sides of the paper. If you are already doing these things, you should encourage other people to follow suit. For the sake of future generations, we all need to work together to solve this rising problem with pollution.

We cannot rely solely on the government to introduce initiatives.

Jenora Vaswani, The Peak

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