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New Water Taxis Clean And Green

Updated on Mar 10, 2008 – SCMPThe nearest craft to a water taxi that we ever had in Hong Kong were the good old walla-wallas. They were noisy and smelly, but provided an essential service in the days before cross-harbour tunnels once the ferries stopped running each night.

I can agree then with Thomas Gebauer (“Water taxi plan is bad news”, March 5) when he writes of smoke-puffing vessels polluting the atmosphere.

However, there is a new breed of water taxi on the waters of Sydney Harbour that is environmentally friendly.

These vessels could well be called water buses, as they can carry 60 to 100 passengers and their power source is solar energy and the wind.

Allan Zeman is criticised for supporting the water taxi concept for access to Ocean Park (“Water taxi plan wins support”, February 29).

Mr Zeman has never picked a dud horse yet, and my bet is he would put his money on this environmentally friendly form of transport. It will surely be a real winner.

Gordon Andreassend, Kowloon

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