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Health lawsuits a possibility

SCMP, Tania Willis, Lantau

Feb 11, 2010

Last month The American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine published the results of studying pollution and its immediate effects on young and healthy people.

The article states that subjects exposed to heavy pollution (Beijing, Mexico City) showed prothombotic (blood clotting) and cardiac “disregulation” occurs after just two hours of exposure. This article came in the same week that Hong Kong saw some of the densest pollution yet (January 28) and it seems very likely people in the most highly polluted areas of our city are likely to be exposed to the same level of threat to their health.

With the example of smokers suing tobacco giants, if our government does not care about our health, isn’t it at least concerned about the potential for future lawsuits for failing to protecting the public’s health, particularly when the danger of pollution is this well-known?

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