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Delta Bridge Will Be An Ecological Monstrosity

Updated on Mar 04, 2008 – SCMP

Your editorial (“Bridge will benefit city, but only after hard work”, February 29) endorses the Hong Kong-Macau-Zhuhai bridge without critically questioning the very basis of this mega project.

When city-regions around the globe are shifting to green infrastructure, why is Hong Kong’s government supporting an outdated carbon-intensive “vehicles-only” bridge? Besides impacting the sensitive Pearl River marine estuary (including already compromised Chinese white dolphin habitats), this bridge will clearly increase the region’s carbon footprint through energy intensive concrete construction and car and truck movements in perpetuity.

Why must most non-driving residents of high density Hong Kong and Macau subsidise a mega project that will induce greater private vehicle movements and further congestion in already pedestrian-unfriendly cities at either end of the bridge? And why haven’t more eco-friendly high-speed rail links or rail-freight logistics even been considered in the bridge proposal? This lack of vision really shows the government’s rhetoric on blue skies to be completely shallow.

Taking a look at the massive financial outlays projected for this bridge (and related highway links) one has to wonder if the extravagant sums could have been used for retrofitting every building in the city to be more energy efficient.

Visionary cities around the world are putting in place green infrastructure projects that create jobs and support the quality of city life rather than investing in carbon-intensive mega projects like this dinosaur-era bridge.

David Sadoway, Lamma

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