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Cleaner, greener diesel cars back on the road

New private diesel cars will be on sale in Hong Kong next month for the first time in more than a decade.

Audi’s distributor Premium Motors confirmed that one of its latest batch of Euro V diesel-engined cars, the Audi Q7 3.0 TDI Quattro, had passed the government’s stringent emissions standards and would be arriving in about a month.

Motor traders began a global hunt for suitable diesel cars after the Environmental Protection Department introduced what it called “improved flexibility in vehicle emissions standards” in January.

Diesel engines are considered more powerful and fuel-efficient than petrol engines, but in the past they were not welcomed because they emitted high levels of particulates and smog-inducing nitrogen oxides. But carbon monoxide emissions from Audi’s latest diesel engine were more than six times lower than the emissions standard for a Euro-V petrol car, nitrogen oxide emissions were 16.7 per cent lower, and particulate levels 78 per cent lower.

Premium Motors managing director Chong Got said the same diesel engine had been running in Europe for three years, but it had been difficult to convince Audi to alter the engine’s specifications just to fit Hong Kong’s emissions requirements because such a move would only boost sales by several hundred vehicles a year.

“The decision was made beyond business concerns,” he said. “The manufacturer values Hong Kong as a market; they are more concerned in boosting the brand’s name and goodwill.”

Audi would introduce more diesel models in the future. The Audi Q7 was expected to cost about HK$800,000 – 10 per cent more than its petrol counterpart. But the diesel model had better acceleration and was also about 30 per cent more fuel-efficient than the petrol model.

Diesel sells for HK$8.89 per litre – about two-thirds the price of petrol in Hong Kong.

Motor Traders Association chairman Michael Lee said he did not believe diesel cars would become very popular in the short term because most manufacturers were reluctant to alter their diesel engines for a small market like Hong Kong, and others were exploring alternative green vehicle models like hybrids and electric cars.

Under the existing transport policy, a person can only register a diesel-engined car as commercial vehicle or a cargo van.

Owners of commercial vehicles have to spare a third of their cabin space for cargo storage and cannot enter certain places, such as Mid-Levels, at certain times, although they also enjoy a big waiver on the first-registration tax.

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From: []
Sent: Wednesday, January 27, 2010 3:08 PM
Subject: Fw:
轉寄: E(10/0178a) ICC#1-217486902 Change in Info – Euro 5 diesel station wagon registration

Dear James Middleton,

Thank you for your enquiry about the registration of Euro 5 diesel private car in Hong Kong.

Roadside  air  pollution  in  Hong  Kong is caused mainly by respirable

suspended  particulates  (RSP) and nitrogen oxides (NOx). Among private

cars,  petrol  models  are generally much cleaner than diesel models as

they  adopt  better  emission  control technology.  Comparing a typical

Euro  IV  petrol private car and diesel private car with similar engine

capacity, a Euro IV diesel private car emits about 7 times more NOx and

14  times  more  particulate matters (PM) than a Euro IV petrol private

car  on  average.   As  such, the government only allows diesel private

cars as clean as petrol private cars to be registered in Hong Kong.

Since  1998,  we  have  been  requiring diesel private cars to meet the

California  emission  standards  because  it  is the only international

standard  that  is  applicable  to both petrol and diesel private cars.

The  current  Euro  IV  NOx and PM emission standard for diesel private

cars  are  less  stringent  than  the petrol standard.  Even the Euro V

emission  standard for diesel private cars to be implemented by the European

Union  in 2011 is not on a par to the petrol standard.  Therefore we do

not  accept  Euro  IV and V emission standards for diesel private cars.

However,  Euro  V  emission standards for petrol private cars include a

new  PM  standard.   If you would like to purchase a diesel private car

in  UK,  please ensure that it meets Euro V petrol private car emission

standards  instead  of  Euro  V  diesel  private  car standards for the

registration in Hong Kong.

Under  the tax incentive scheme for environment-friendly petrol private

car,  only  petrol  private  car is eligible for the first registration



Vanessa AU

Environmental Protection Department

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