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The Land In Front Of IFC?

What should be done with the land in front of IFC?

Updated on Feb 28, 2009 – SCMP

I refer to the report (“IFC owner opposes plan for neighbours”, February 24).

The joint-venture developers of IFC have stated that they are against the construction of two medium-rise commercial blocks in front of their property, because it will compromise their development’s design, and that the “harbourfront site should be returned to the people”. I find this refreshing expression of public spirit encouraging.

I am a member of a residents’ group on King Wah Road, North Point.

For the last 10 months we have campaigned against a proposal to build a massive 30 to 40-storey hotel project in front of our residential buildings on the harbourfront.

The proposed building will block our views, restrict air flow, limit sunlight and cause traffic congestion, and the associated noise and air pollution will compromise our living environment.

The developer behind the project is Henderson Land, which is one of the IFC developers.

The impact of the government’s plan [in front of] IFC is minimal when compared to the hotel’s impact on our residential properties.

We hope that the harbourfront at North Point will be similarly “returned to the people” and that the wider public interest will be respected.

Samson Fung, convener, Coalition Against the Proposed Development on King Wah Road

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