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August 12th, 2015:

Hong Kong’s $1bn recycling fund to be overseen by new committee

An Advisory Committee has been selected by the Hong Kong government to oversee the $1 billion Recycling Fund established last year to promote the recycling and recovery of waste.

Set up by the Environment Bureau, the committee will advise and make recommendations to the Government on matters relating to the overall administration and operation of the Recycling Fund.

The committee comprises experts, academics and people with experience in business management and community service, as well as representatives from various business and industry associations.

Committee members will remain for a term of three years from August 1, 2015. The Hong Kong Productivity Council will be serving as the secretariat.

Secretary for the environment, Wong Kam-sing, said, “In view of the imminent waste challenge, we aim to promote the effective operation and sustainable development of the recycling industry to enhance waste recycling and reduce disposal at landfills, which is vital to the overall waste management policy in Hong Kong.”