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April 10th, 2013:

New study makes link between clean air and happiness

“Happiness and air pollution: evidence from 14 European countries”
Lew, Byron; Arvin, BMak. International Journal of Green Economics 6. 4
(2013): 331-345.
DOI: 10.1504/IJGE.2012.051492
Abstract (summary):
“The causal relationship between happiness and air pollution is examined
using a sample of 14 European countries. Two sets of results are presented
using the notion of Granger causality. For individual countries, the
existence of a unidirectional or bidirectional causal structure for almost
half of the countries can be observed. The panel approach, on the other
hand, provides some support for the existence of bidirectional causality
between happiness and air pollution for the region taken as-a-whole.”

Also discussed in Trent University Showcase magazine Spring 2013.