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September, 2012:

Mike Kilburn

Mike Kilburn

Senior Manager, Environment at Airport Authority of Hong Kong


Hong Kong



  1. Air Port Authority of Hong Kong
  1. Civic Exchange
  2. Hong Kong Countryside Foundation
  1. Kadoorie Farm & Botanic Garden
  2. Hill and Knowlton Asia Ltd
  1. Jt Hons, Chinese and Management at University of Durham


Senior Manager, Environment

Air Port Authority of Hong Kong

2012– Present (less than a year)Hong Kong International Airport

Head of Environmental Strategy

Civic Exchange

Nonprofit; 1-10 employees; Think Tanks industry

June 2008– Present (4 years 4 months)Hong Kong

Developing, resourcing, managing and communicating multi-stakeholder research and engagement campaigns on environmental and governance issues to help policymakers to plan & execute environmental policy in the public interest.

Founding Board Member (pro bono)

Hong Kong Countryside Foundation

February 2011– Present (1 year 8 months)Hong Kong

Key adviser on governance structure, implementation strategies and advocacy.

Founding board member with:

Hong Kong’s Chief Executive-elect: CY Leung,
former Chief Secretary of Hong Kong: Sir David Akers-Jones
former Director of Planning: Patrick Lau
former Director of Hong Kong Observatory: CY Lam
Chairman of Jebsen: Hans-Michael Jebsen
Ruy Barretto SC

Vice Chairman (pro bono)

Hong Kong Bird Watching Society

1994– Present (18 years)Hong Kong

Board-level oversight of affairs of HKBWS. Leading advocacy, stakeholder engagement determining social licence to operate for Government and major housing and infrastructure developers and utilities.

Successful campaigns include:

1. Transforming illegal landfill incursion into country park into 40 ha increase in park area.
2. Convening 12 HK-based NGOs in first successful EIA challenge in Hong Kong, forcing railway to avoid a wetland at an extra cost of HK$ 2 billion.
3. Refining development footprints to avoid flight lines & minimize ecological impacts.
4. Stopping use of perverse incentives to legitimize development of ecological hotspot

Public Policy Analyst

Kadoorie Farm & Botanic Garden

2002– 2008 (6 years)Hong Kong

Advocating sustainable development and nature conservation via policy research and stakeholder engagement. Leading public consultations on sustainability, environmental legislation and development projects.

Account Executive

Hill and Knowlton Asia Ltd

1993– 1995 (2 years)


Authors: Mike Kilburn

Air pollution remains the most serious and persistent threat to public health in Hong Kong. This paper sets out seven principles for more effective control of air pollution. It also proposes seven measures that can swiftly and significantly reduce those emissions that threaten us most – roadside emissions. This paper proposes a framework and measures that could be adopted by an incoming…more

Authors: Mike Kilburn

This paper reviews how the Tsang administration has tackled air pollution in Hong Kong since he took office in March 2005, to determine where progress has been made, and where it has not. Some of the difficulties to achieving substantial improvement come from long-entrenched systemic “disconnects” in the way that air pollution is addressed, but new and fundamental problems have also emerged.

Authors: Mike Kilburn, Dr Roger Kendrick

This report sets out a new strategic framework for nature conservation based on the Convention on Biological Diversity, to which Hong Kong became a party in May 2011.

Authors: Mike Kilburn, Cheng Nok Ming

This report assess the performance of Hong Kong against its responsibilities under the Convention on Biological Diversity according to a set of indicators developed in collaboration with environmental NGOs, consultants, academics, current and former Government officials.

Skills & Expertise

  1. Research
  2. Environmental governance
  3. Public policy
  4. Strategic Analysis
  5. Multi-stakeholder Engagement
  6. Marketing Communications


University of Durham

Jt Hons, Chinese and Management

1989 – 1993

Sherborne School, Dorset UK

1984 – 1989

Additional Information


Groups and Associations:

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Prenatal damage from dioxin involves microRNA

Prenatal Exposure to TCDD Triggers Significant Modulation of microRNA Expression Profile in the Thymus That Affects Consequent Gene Expression

related news article:

Prenatal Damage From Dioxin Shown to Involve microRNAs 
Research carried out at the University of South Carolina has identified novel mechanisms through which dioxin can alter physiological functions.

Hong Kong Announces New Incentive Scheme for OGVs Using Cleaner Fuel

Published on September 18, 2012 at 6:09 AM

By Gary Thomas

The use of cleaner fuel while berthing in the waters of Hong Kong will make ocean-going vessels (OGVs) entitled to a 50% reduction in port facility and light dues. The initiative focusing on the eligibility of OGVs is effective from September 26, 2012. This is a three-year incentive program.

A one-off registration of vessels with the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) is mandatory for every proprietor, operator or his agent of OGVs who wish to participate in the program. Registration has started on September 17, following which eligible OGVs are entitled to apply for a reduction in port facility and light dues, under the scheme with the Marine Department (MD) from September 26, for each port call to Hong Kong.

According to Hong Kong Secretary for the Environment, Wong Kam-sing, for better air quality, the government in Hong Kong has started deploying a package of 22 measures for diverse major polluting sources. Introduction of incentive scheme will promote reduction in marine emissions. This incentive program has also enabled OGVs to have improved efficiency as the port facility and light dues will be reduced to half by replacing fuel for bunker oil with sulfur content of not higher than 0.5 % for generators during berthing in Hong Kong waters. The incentive program will aid in lowering vessel emissions, thus ensuring enhanced air quality along the port area.

Hong Kong Financial Secretary has reported in his 2012-13 budget speech about this initiative to reduce the port facility and light dues by half which are charged on low-sulfur fuel-based OGVs while docking in Hong Kong waters.

Around 32,500 calls to Hong Kong were recorded in 2011, based on port facility and light dues owing to their US$5.5 per 100 T of tonnage for each port call to Hong Kong.


Why don’t more cities & states have curbside composting

Why doesn’t your city have curbside composting? Following San Francisco’s lead, nearly 100 cities now have curbside composting. Keeping food scraps, leaves, tree limbs, and grass clippings out of the municipal waste facilities preserves limited space, and it saves money. Why don’t more cities and states make it easier for us to compost? The answer: Big Trash. Mother Jones . 16 September 2012

Use of RDF in cement kilns

(Hong Kong Government rejected this option)

Environmental and economic advantages associated with the use of RDF in cement kilns Original Research Article
Resources, Conservation and Recycling, Volume 68, November 2012, Pages 21-28
Mustafa Kara


► We examine greenhouse gas emission reduction, CO2feasibility upon replacing petroleum coke with RDF. ► Emission measurements made at industrial scale rotary cement kiln. ► It is shown that there is 9.50USD/h CO2emission saving in petroleum coke. ► 94USD/h real saving will be achieved by using RDF. ► This study will be a preliminary preparation for emission trade for Turkey.

end-of-life management of source separated organics

Review and meta-analysis of 82 studies on end-of-life management methods for source separated organics Original Research Article
Waste Management, Available online 7 September 2012, Pages
Jeffrey Morris, H. Scott Matthews, Clarissa Morawski


► No management method had lowest environmental effects for all environmental impacts. ► Composting and anaerobic digestion have less climate impact than burning or burying. ► No LCA agreement on aerobic composting versus anaerobic digestion climate impacts. ► No LCA agreement on burning versus burying climate impacts. ► Boundary conditions for offsets affect management method ranking.

Potential of MSW in Brazil

Analysis of the potential of municipal solid waste in Brazil Original Research Article
Environmental Development, Available online 7 September 2012, Pages
F.A.M. Lino, K.A.R. Ismail


► The study presents the evaluation and results of the potential of municipal solid waste in Brazil. ► MSW is an instrument to eradicate poverty and ensure environmental sustainability. ► Recycling, besides the financial gain increases the useful life of landfills and reduce the operational costs. ► Solid waste organic matter can be a renewable source for energy generation.

Impact of burning industrial waste – rotary kiln vs. cement kiln

Environmental impact of incineration of calorific industrial waste: Rotary kiln vs. cement kiln
Original Research Article
Waste Management, Volume 32, Issue 10
Pages 1853-1863
Isabel Vermeulen, Jo Van Caneghem, Chantal Block, Wim Dewulf, Carlo Vandecasteele


► We model two energy intensive processes that substitute fossil fuel by industrial waste. ► Considered waste streams include automotive shredder residue and meat and bone meal. ► Environmental impact assessment is conducted using two different modeling approaches. ► Methodological choices can influence the outcome and conclusions of the assessment.

Nigeria: solid waste deposits are significant source of contaminants

Solid waste deposits as a significant source of contaminants of emerging concern to the aquatic and terrestrial environments — A developing country case study from Owerri, Nigeria Original Research Article
Science of The Total Environment, Volume 438, 1 November 2012, Pages 94-102
Augustine Arukwe, Trine Eggen, Monika Möder


► Solid waste management in developing countries ► Solid waste as a significant source of contaminants of emerging concern ► Contaminant leaching from solid waste to surrounding environment ► Detection of several contaminants of emerging concern and with endocrine-disrupting activities ► Phthalates are the dominant contaminant group with concentrations that are comparable with other countries.

Impact assessment of MSW incineration with auxiliary coal in China

Environmental impact assessment of the incineration of municipal solid waste with auxiliary coal in China
Original Research Article
Waste Management, Volume 32, Issue 10
Pages 1989-1998
Yan Zhao, Wei Xing, Wenjing Lu, Xu Zhang, Thomas H. Christensen


► Environmental impacts of waste incineration with excess or adequate coal were modeled. ► Fossil CO2emission from auxiliary coal is the primary contributor to global warming. ► More coal in incinerators yields fewer avoided impacts under new emission standard. ► Waste incineration without coal after source-separation of ash is a promising process. ► Weighted impact profiles based on Chinese political reduction targets are provided.