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Conservation a vital part of plan for Lantau – Letters to the Editor

I refer to the letter by Tom Yam (“Lantau committee sees island only as real estate”, January 27) and wish to provide relevant information for your readers.

The Lantau Development Advisory Committee published its work report “Space for All” on January 10 which is available on the website ( [1]).

The report details the proposed vision, planning principles and major proposals for the development of Lantau. Much emphasis is placed on balancing and enhancing development and conservation. For example, the projected future population and -economic developments are along the North Lantau Corridor of Tung Chung new town and its expansion, the airport and its surroundings, Siu Ho Wan and Sunny Bay.

As a long-term vision, the strategic East Lantau metropolis, if taken forward, may provide additional capacity to cover for Hong Kong’s economic and population growth.

Elsewhere, including Mui Wo and Tai O, the committee sees opportunities for conservation and leisure and recreation facilities for the people of Hong Kong.

There are also short-term measures such as improving existing sharp road bends, building mountain bike trails, and adding car parking spaces to ease the parking problem.

It is thus grossly inaccurate to describe the plan as “a swathe of real estate”. The committee’s discussion papers and notes of meetings are all uploaded to the website of the Development Bureau and members must comply with the house rules and requirements of registration and declaration of their personal interests.

With the “Space for All” report released, we are undertaking a public engagement exercise.

We welcome the public to read the materials on the above website and provide us with their views.

Lai Cheuk-ho, secretary, Lantau Development Advisory Committee

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