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HK, Guangdong Vow To Hit Air-Quality Targets

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HK, Guangdong vow to hit air-quality targets

The emission-reduction and control measures Hong Kong and Guangdong have adopted could bring about a positive impact, cutting air-pollutant emissions in the region, and are conducive to achieving the agreed 2010 emission-cut targets by both sides, according to findings of the Pearl River Delta Regional Air Quality Management Plan’s mid-term review.

The mid-term review report was considered by the Hong Kong/Guangdong Co-operation Joint Conference’s 10th working meeting today. It concluded that upon implementation of the current and committed emission-reduction measures under the management plan, Hong Kong should be able to fully meet the mutually agreed targets by 2010.

The report said by 2010, Hong Kong’s economy will rise 72%, population 11%, electricity consumption 43% and vehicle mileage 8%, using 1997 as the base year.

Pollutants reduced

Implementing the existing preventive and control measures will significantly cut 2010 emissions of sulphur dioxide 54% to 30,000 tonnes, nitrogen oxides 25%, to 90,000 tonnes, respirable suspended particulates 58%, to 5,000 tonnes and volatile organic compounds 55%, to 30,000 tonnes, when compared to 1997 levels.

In respect of the Pearl River Delta Economic Zone, with its significant socio-economic developments which well exceeded the original estimates, the emission-cut targets could be achieved by 2010 upon implementation of additional enhanced control measures as recommended in the mid-term review report.

These include:

* nitrogen-oxides removal for newly built power plants;
* tightening emission standards of air-pollutant emissions for local boilers;
* enhancing cleaner production requirement for volatile organic compounds-containing products;
* setting limits on consumer products’ volatile organic compound contents; and
* tightening control on emissions from local vessels.

To read the report’s executive summary, click here.

Both sides reiterated their commitment to continuing control measures set out in the management plan. The Guangdong Provincial Government will implement additional emission-control measures in the Pearl River Detla Economic Zone, taking account of the review’s recommendations.

Both sides also reaffirmed their determination to achieve the mutually agreed emission-reduction targets by 2010.

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