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Mingpao: Electric vehicles in HK numbers 552; 147 owned by Government

Secretary for the Environment Wong Kam-sing says that as of October 2013, there are 552 electric vehicles on the roads of Hong Kong, more than twice the number in 2011. 147 of the vehicles are part of the vehicle fleet of the SAR government, who has slated for an addition of another 74 vehicles by early 2014.

Mr. Wong was responding in writing to queries from Legco member Chan Hak-kan Gary. The government, in an effort to promote the development of the electric vehicle market, introduced electric vehicles into its fleet across various departments, but electric vehicles have yet to become popular in Hong Kong.

Mr. Wong also said that feedback from government departments regarding electric vehicles have been positive. There is, however, a lack of available models on the market for special purposes vehicles such as waste collection vehicles, street cleaning vehicles, ambulances etc., which limits the number of electric vehicles in the fleet of government vehicles.

Electric vehicle, part of the HK government's fleet of vehicles; pictured with a charging station. (EPD)

Usage rate at HA carparks averages 12 charges a month

According to data collected from the 500 standard electric vehicle charging stations in government-owned carparks, each carpark averages a usage rate of 93 charges a month; for charging stations provided by electrical companies, the average usage rate is 12 charges a month, that is, less than 1 vehicle serviced per day; for express charging stations, it is 61 charges a station a month.

Mr. Wong adds that while the usage rate for electric vehicle facilities remain low, setting up a network for recharging electric vehicles is essential for promoting the usage of electric vehicles. The government will continue to monitor the growth in electric vehicle numbers and the usage rate of charging stations in its considerations for expanding the current network of electric vehicle facilities.

28 Nov 2013





黃錦星指出,根據設於政府停車場的500個標準充電站的耗電量,估計每個停車場每月平均電動車充電約93次;至於由其他電力公司提供,包括設於房委 會轄下停車場的充電站,估計每個停車場每月僅充電12次,即每日少於1車使用。至於快速充電站,每個充電站每月充電次數約61次。


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