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Govt probes Ta Kwu Ling landfill leak

Govt probes Ta Kwu Ling landfill leak



The Ta Kwu Ling landfill. Photo: Damon Pang

The government has reported a leakage of sewage from the Ta Kwu Ling landfill – one month after the incident took place.

A temporary leachate lagoon was breached on the 27th of last month, leaking some sewage into the Kong Yiu Channel that flows ultimately into the Shenzhen River.

The Environmental Protection Department blamed excessive rainfall last month for the leak.

An assistant director, David Wong, says a water sample taken earlier this month from the channel had exceeded the legal limit for pollutants.

Mr Wong didn’t explain why the government failed to make public the leakage earlier, only saying that lab results confirming the water samples had exceeded legal limits were returned last Friday.

He insisted the water in the affected areas is not drinking water for villagers, but officials had to inform several vegetable farms nearby to stop using the water for irrigation.

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