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Enhanced Landfill Mining

Enhanced Landfill Mining


· Program


October 14, 2013

11.00h – 12.00h

Press conference

15.00h – 18.00h


October 15, 2013

08.00h – 09.00h

Welcome & registrations

09.00h – 9.15h

Opening of the symposium


Session 1: The ELFM concept


09.15h – 09.50h

Joakim Krook, Nils Johansson, Björn Wallsten (Linköping University)

Potential and conditions for mining the technosphere

09.50h – 10.25h

Hans Groot, Nanne Hoekstra (Deltares)

The temporary storage: a necessary step to enable cost-effective landfill mining

10.25h – 11.00h

Coffee break (poster session)

11.00h – 11.35h

Eddy Wille, Tom Behets, Luk Umans (OVAM)

Mining the Anthropocene in Flanders: Part 1 – Landfill mining

11.35h – 12.10h

Daneel Geysen, Yves Tielemans (Group Machiels)

Implementation of temporary storage at the Remo landfill site

12.10h – 13.30h



Session 2: Waste to Resources


13.30h – 14.05h

Matthias Buchert, Günter Dehoust (Öko-Institut)

Enhanced Landfill Mining – the relevant decision tool Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

14.05h – 14.40h

Mieke Quaghebeur (VITO) & Yiannis Pontikes (KU Leuven)

Enhanced Landfill Mining: Material recuperation

14.40h – 15.15h

Coffee break (poster session)

15.15h – 15.50h

M.C.M. Bakker, F. Di Maio, P.C. Rem (TU Delft)

Advances in solid waste recycling and the bridging scenario of land-storage

15.50h – 16.25h

Markus Reuter (Outotec/Lead Author UNEP Metal Recycling Report)

Opportunities and pitfalls for Enhanced Landfill Mining: a UNEP perspective

16.25h – 16.45h

Closing remarks

19.00h – 22.00h

Symposium dinner

October 16, 2013

08.30h – 09.00h



Session 3: Waste to Resources


09.00h – 09.35h

Jan L.C. Manders, Ella Strengler (CEWEP)

To be confirmed

09.35h – 10.10h

Anouk Bosmans, Shivanand Wasan, Lieve Helsen (KU Leuven)

Waste-to-clean-syngas by avoiding tar problems

10.10h – 10.50h

Coffee break (poster session)

10.50h – 11.25h

Chris Chapman (Advanced Plasma Power)

Potential applications of clean syngas produced by Gasplasma

11.25h – 12.00h

Tommi Kaartinen (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland), Kai Sormunen (Ramboll Finland Oy), Jukka Rintala (Tampere University of Technolog)

Studies on material composition of closed Finnish landfills – potentials for landfill mining?

12.00h – 13.30h



Session 4: Health and Environment

Chairpersons: x en y

13.30h – 14.05h

Roel Smolders, Patrick Bergmans, Ilse Bilsen, Rosette Van den Heuvel, en Reinhilde Weltens (VITO)

Building an integrated toolbox for the environmental health impact assessment of landfill mining operations

14.05h – 14.40h

Maurice Ballard (CleanTechPunt) & Koen Sips (Point Consulting)

ELFM from a locals’ perspective

14.40h – 15.15h

Coffee break (poster session)

15.15h – 15.50h

Steven Van Passel (UHasselt) & Karel Van Acker (KU Leuven)

An LCA/LCC model for the CtC case in Houthalen-Helchteren

15.50h – 16.25h

Closing panel debate “The future of LFM in Europe

Rosalinde Van Der Vlies (DG Environment)

Willem Kattenberg (Nederlandse Rijksoverheid – Dutch Waste Management Organisation)

Lieze Cloots (Bond Beter Leefmilieu)

Joakim Krook (Linköping University)

Jef Roos (ELFM Consortium)

16.25h – 17.00h

Closing of the Symposium

17.00h – 18.30h

Closing reception

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