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€310m Hong Kong & Macau Waste Management Contracts for SITA

€310m Hong Kong & Macau Waste Management Contracts for SITA

19 July 2013

By Ben Messenger
Managing Editor

€310m Hong Kong & Macau Waste Management Contracts for SITA SUEZ Environnement

SITA Waste Services has won two new 10 year contracts in Hong Kong, worth around €110 million, while one of its subsidiary companies has renewed a €200 million contract in Macau – also over 10 years.

According to SITA – a subsidiary of SUEZ Environnement (Paris: SEV, Brussels: SEVB) – the contracts include the management of the North Lantau Transfer Station, worth €35 million and the marine transportation of dewatered sludge, worth €75 million, while the Macau contract is for cleaning services.

Under the 10-year contract for North Lantau, which started in June 2013, Sita Waste Services will manage waste for the largest of Hong Kong’s islands, including the waste of Hong Kong International Airport, Disneyland Park and Tung Chung New Town.

With a current design treatment capacity of 650 tonnes of municipal solid waste per day, the company said that the transfer station will see its throughput almost double to 1200 tonnes a day in the next few years after completion of upgrading works.

The dewatering contract has been awarded by a new client for SITA, Hong Kong’s Drainage Services Department (DSD1), and has been awarded to the 50-50% partnership between SITA Waste Services and ATAL Environmental.

Under the contract the company explained that two self-propelled ocean going vessels will be designed and constructed for transferring and transporting dewatered sludge from the Waste Water Treatment Plant to the sludge Treatment Facilities.

These new vessels will feature built in diesel-electric hybrid engines, which the company said are more efficient and environmentally friendly.

SITA said that it has already gained over 15 years’ experience in marine transfer of containerised waste while operating and managing six other transfer stations in Hong Kong.

Engineering and the contract will commence on 1 November 2013.

€310m Hong Kong & Macau Waste Management Contracts for SITAMacau

SITA Waste Services, via its subsidiary Companhia de Sistemas de Residuos de Macau (CSR), has also been re-awarded the contract for the provision of urban cleaning services and waste collection and disposal in Macau for a further 10 years.

The contract represents an overall revenue of more than €200 million and will start in November 2013.

Under this contract, SITA said that it will support the community to improve the quality of life of Macau’s residents by reducing waste generation and further increasing the recovery of recyclable waste.

SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT said that it has operated in Hong Kong for over twenty years now, and currently operates two landfill sites handling over 7000 tonnes of waste per day, six transfer stations and seven rehabilitated landfills. It also offers collection, composting and recycling services.

“China’s need for professional waste management services is growing rapidly,” commented Jean-Louis Chaussade, CEO of SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT.

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