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HK Govt ENB policy – expand landfills – burn waste – landfill the 30% by weight ash TIME TO FIRE THE ENB BACKROOM POLICY GUYS WHO HAVE BEEN THERE FOR YEARS + ACHIEVED NOTHING


Waste row escalating. File photo.

The Chief Executive, C Y Leung, has stressed the importance of a feasibility study on expanding the Tuen Mun landfill.

Mr Leung was speaking as opposition to the planned move grows. He said that reducing waste at source would not eliminate the need for landfills.

He also pledged that consultations would continue at a community level, even if the expansion is approved. The government will seek funding from Legco’s finance committee on Friday for the enlargement of both the Tuen Mun and Ta Kwu Ling landfills.

The Undersecretary for the Environment, Christine Loh, said officials would be speaking to lawmakers and Tuen Mun residents ahead of the meeting.

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