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Challenges for waste management policy in Singapore



As a conclusion, the conversion of MSW to energy has significant environmental advantages and even has the potential to yield net social benefits to society, as seen in the

case of gasification. Among the three WTE technologies studied in this paper, gasification is the most cost competitive and has superior environmental performance. It

is recommended that the government looks beyond incineration and consider other alternative WTE technologies such as gasification and anaerobic digestion, in order to

establish a comprehensive WTE framework in Singapore. WTE can serve as an alternative source of energy, contributing to the diversification of energy sources and

improving Singapore’s energy security. Finally, it should be noted that WTE is not in competition with recycling, but rather its complement in an integrated waste management

plan [17]. Even where there is aggressive source reduction and recycling, there is a significant amount that ends up as unrecyclable waste. Recycling helps to sort out the

recyclables from the other waste, which could then be effectively converted into energy generating resources through the various WTE technologies.

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